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Skin Cancer, Cyst and Mole Removal information page

Skin Cancer, Cyst and Mole Removal:
Removing Skin Cancer, Growth, Cyst and Mole without stitching.

We Remove Skin Cancer, Cyst and Mole without stitching.

Shave excision is a simpler and less expensive procedure to perform than a full-thickness skin excision that requires sutures (stitches). The skin wound from a shave excision procedure does not need stitches. All surgical skin procedures produce a scar, but the shave excision, with electrosurgical smoothing of the wound edges, can produce a less noticeable scar that blends well into the surrounding skin. Infections are infrequent after a shave excision procedure, and it provides a specimen for analysis.

Most shave excisions are performed with local anesthesia (numbing medicine) that is injected beneath the skin growth using a tiny needle. This causes the lesion to raise upward. The numbing medicine actually makes the shave excision procedure easier to perform.

Once a skin tumor or skin growth is removed, it is sent to a laboratory where it is examined under the microscope by a doctor known as a pathologist. The pathologic evaluation can determine whether the skin growth is cancerous.

Please Contact Us to schedule an appointment to discuss this further with Dr. Freeman and to receive additional Information regarding Removing Skin Cancer, Growth, Cyst and Mole without stitching.

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